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Welcome to Key Nutrition & Performance!

I have built my life around health and fitness. My goal is be an expert in my field and create the best version of every client I work with. Working out is about more than aesthetics at KNP. We are here to develop mental toughness, a strong community, and confidence. I am here to prove to you the myths around fitness are wrong. Each unique individual requires a different protocol and it is my job to help you with all your goals.

I am a former runner, CrossFit athlete, and powerlifter. My past includes training swimmers, runners, and triathlon athletes. I also work as an Occupational Therapist and have a vast amount of skills with the older population.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding my services. I am always here to help!!

-Coach Gretchen

The Barn

If you have interest in Group Barn Classes, please send me a message! We have several classes including Bodybuilding, Functional Fitness, and Saturday Partner Workouts.

I also have small group (2-4) and 1:1 training upon request. Please contact me if you want more information!

Commit to Fit.

Commit to Fun.

Everyone is welcome.

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