Nutrition & Training Programs

Below you will find several programs for online coaching. These programs are a great option for affordability. Each program is a one-time purchase. All training programs include warm-up/mobility, training, demo videos, personalized weights, progress photos, and workout tips.

KNP 30 - Day Flex (Gym Edition)

My most popular program! This shorter 4-week cycle will be a solid mix of compound lifts, accessory lifts, and conditioning pieces. This short cycle is a great precursor to the next big 8-week cycle beginning in August.

KNP 30 - Day Flex (Home Edition)

Need a home version for your workouts? This program is a variation of the gym version, removing typical cable and machines. You will still get a ton of compound and accessory work. Equipment required: barbell & weights, dumbbells, bench, box, resistance bands.

KNP 6 - Week Nutrition (CUT)

Need a comprehensive nutrition plan? This 6-week macro plan is custom for you. You will receive supplement recommendations, grocery lists, food lists, and access to Metron App to submit your weekly progress. This is NOT my 1:1 nutrition; you will be expected to track your own progress and stay self-accountable.

KNP OLY Program 1.0

This comprehensive OLY program can be a supplemental or stand-alone program allowing you to get more technique practice and touches on the Oly lifts each week while you continue to follow another training program. We will be performing clean and jerk, snatch, and other overhead lifts 3-days/week.

KNP Dumbbell Program

This 4-week, 3-day/week program is designed for beginners who want to increase strength and improved cardio. The workouts are designed to be shorter with minimal equipment. You will need access to dumbbells, bike and/or rower, and treadmill or outdoor run.

KNP Conditioning Program II

This is the new 8-week program for people who want to build their aerobic capacity and improve their ability to burn fat through increased metabolism. You will have 3 workouts/week working on different time domains and heart rate zones. This is a great add-on with the nutrition and/or strength program.

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